Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Break 2016

This year during winter break Austin hung out with the Sacramento grandparents. First week was time with Grampa altering skateboards, constructing ramps, racing slot cars and going to the skate park.

Austin got a new custom skateboard for Christmas so he asked Grampa to help him convert his old board into a little cruiser. They watched some YouTube videos showing how other skaters did it, then the two of them disappeared into the garage for a couple of days... Afterward they got new wheels and then Austin had to practice using a shorter board. He likes that it's small enough to fit into a backpack.

During week two gramma taught Austin and Grampa how to cut stencils from repurposed packaging, cardboard and transparencies.  They then spray painted the newly converted cruiser skateboard.

The second week was arting time with Gramma. First we went to Michael's and bought a few supplies. Then we researched some images of the new Mr BB robot from the new star wars film. Then I taught Austin how to use transfer paper to break out the separate colors to various craft papers.  He then pasted the papers to canvas using acrylic paint medium as an adhesive. Afterward he painted in shadow with blue muted acrylic paint. He added line details with sharpie markers, painted the sides of the canvas orange then sealed it all with acrylic matte medium.

His last night in SacTown we saw the new star wars flick, went to an art show and ate Chinese food...

Over all I think Austin had a good vacation with Gramma Patti and Grampa Jeff doing fun projects, learning cool stuff and going fun places.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Experimenting With Oil Pastels

Austin sent me a snapshot of his newest artwork.  He experimented with some oil pastels that came in an art kit he got as a gift. Below the photo is some information he dictated for my to include about the work.

Embarrassed Face
Oil Pastel Drawing on 8.5 x 11 inch Bond Paper

"First I drew some random lines that made me think of a face. So I was inspired to make this embarrassed man."

Austin is now 10 years old and his favorite subjects in school are Science and Math.  He's currently learning about the digestive system and diggin' it.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some Older Artworks by Austin

I came across some scans of earlier artworks by Austin made when he was 5 years old.  Please Enjoy these...

I printed out a very faint gray image of a Miro drawing Austin picked out when he was 5.  He colored the drawing with magic markers.  We titled it Miro Homage.

Austin at age 5 made this drawing he titled Rainbow Bridge.

After a trip to the zoo Austin asked me what he should draw.  I told him to try and draw the souvenir stickers we bought at the zoo.

He said I can't draw that, it's too hard.  I told him to try to draw just what he sees and not to worry about how good it is because every artist starts out needing to learn how to draw.  We were all very proud of his efforts while Austin learned he can do almost anything if he tries.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Taylor and Austin tell Gramma Some Stories

Taylor, age 3, drew the cards and Austin, age 7, told the story…

King of Cups
Once there was a king, Kevin, he was the King of Cups. He had lots of cups. But he only used on special one, the Golden Stripe Cup. That cup gave him good luck everyday.

The Sun
There was a golden sun. It made dreams come true. The baby, Justin who lived in the kingdom was the king’s little friend who carried the blue flag. He always wanted to ride the horse. The sun made his dream come true.

Two of Rods
There was a man named King Rod who was the king of rods. He met Kevin the king of cups and they were best buds forever and lived happily ever after.

Austin, age 7, draws the cards and Taylor, age 3, tells the story.

The Lovers
They loved together. They saw an angel. And they lived happily ever after.

3 of Rods
Next spring the day after they went to sleep and it was springtime. They lived happily eve after.

King of Rods
“There’s a tiger in there rroooaaawwwrrr!” The King of Rods catched the tiger and he handled it and it was a fake tiger.  And they lived happily ever after.

The King of Swords
They have a dragon and a shiny sword with a fake string on it and a king helmet and he helped the King of Cups and they lived happily ever after.

King of Cups
The King of Cups had a big horse and a helmet with wings and he lived happily ever after.

Taylor, age 3, drew the cards and Austin, age 7, told the story…

Nine of Rods
There was a lady named Theresa. She collected rods. She needed one more to complete the collection but she has never found it.

Wheel of Fortune
Theresa found the wheel of Fortune and spun that wheel. And it said she might get that last rod for her collection. She looked all over – everywhere- - in the woods to find that rod and she never did.

There was a girl who was a priestess named Isabella and she told kids lots about God.  And those 3 boys and 6 girls grew up to be priests and priestesses too.

One of the girls that grew up to be a priestess changed her job to be a judge. She was a mean judge.

6 of Rods
There was a man named Gavin, he had 6 rods. Gavin went by Theresa, he went to her house and gave her one of his rods and she had the collection. But then Gavin had only 5 rods.

7 of Rods
There was a teenager named Mondo who had 7 rods. Theresa needed 10 more rods to have a collection of 20 rods.  Gavin stopped by Theresa’s house and gave her two rods so now she had 12 rods.  Then Mondo thought and gave her all of his rods.  Gavin stopped by her haouse and gave her three rods so now she had 20 rods.  And her and her rods lived happily ever after!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The King of Swords

Today I wrote a story.  I picked out some cards that Gramma had.  Then I started telling a story.

The King of Swords
By Austin Phare

The man was trying to get cherries from a tree. He got caught in a snare trap that was in the tree.
The King of Swords had made the trap. When Jesus, the hanged man, got caught it triggered an alarm that woke up the King of Swords. The king set Jesus free, saying, “You need to stay away from these trees.”
A wizard came out of the sky. He was the wizard of the Seven Golden Cups. When he saw Jesus and the king he said, “How about you guys stop fighting and be friends.” The wizard said, “if you two stop fighting I will give you a new kingdom.”

So the king and Jesus stopped fighting and they a new kingdom, the Kingdom of the Spirits.
The queen of Rods, Cindella, came to the Kingdom of the Spirits. King White Beard thought she was very beautiful so they got married the next day.
A few months later they had a daughter they named Sophelia. Jesus went to war and fell into lava, his skin was burned away but he didn’t die, he was a skeleton. The king and queen had to go away so Jesus protected Sophelia while they were gone.
A couple of days later Sophelia grew up and found a friend, Savator. They went on an adventure to dig some gold. They found two golden cups that belonged to the Wizard of the Seven Golden Cups. The Wizard came out of the sky and gave them a reward for finding his stolen cups. The reward was golden coins and diamonds. Sophelia used the golden coins to pay for her Mom and Dad to come back home.
When King White Beard and Queen Cindella came back they found the Wheel of Fortune in their kingdom.  They spun the wheel and it said that they will have another child.
A few months later they had twins, Rosie and Goldilocks. They grew up loving to garden. Their mother, who was the queen of rods, gave them four rods. They grew flowers around the rods to ma an arch.
The Queen of Swords was getting ready for a war against Jesus; it was a war for the Red Diamond Sword. The Red Diamond Sword was used to kill a dragon, the dragon blood made the sword magical. Belief in yourself makes you with battles with the sword. The Queen of Swords never really believes in herself so Jesus won the war.

Jesus went back to the Kingdom of the Spirits.  King White Beard rewarded Jesus with the Red Diamond Sword because he really believed in himself.

The End

The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck was used to inspire and illustrate the story.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chips and Salsa

Watermark does not appear in original or digital printouts

I hope you like my picture and have a Happy New Year! When you eat chips and salsa it might remind you of this picture. My gramma loves this picture very much.   

My art is very good and all you people out there can buy it at my Gramma's Etsy page

~Austin Lee Phare~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happe Noo Yirrs!!!

This is the first blog about artworks made by Austin Phare. He likes to make art in his room and in his Grandma's studio. He has helped his Gramma pull multicolor woodcut prints and he had his first gallery exhibition in January of 2010 where he sold 4 of his artworks! So he had his first gallery experience and his first sales experience all in one night. That's a lot of excitement for one 6 year old boy!

and now a few words from Austin:

"Hi I'm Austin. I do lots of Art with my Gramma. My Gramma is special because she's an artist and I love her and she's very special. My family is great, my Mom is going to take me to Disney land on spring break. I got good grades in my school. I am going to pass up to second grade one day, I am still in first grade."

Austin's First Exhibit
January 2010 at U20 Gallery
in Sacramento California

Untitled Mandala, 10x10" Pastel Drawing

Untitled Mandala, 8x8" Pastel Drawing by Austin Phare

Untitled Mandala, 6x6" pastel drawing SOLD

Untitled Mandala, 6x6" pastel drawing SOLD

Untitled Calaca, 12x9" Mixed Media Collage SOLD

The Diamond of Deem, 11x17" Tempera Painting by Austin Phare

Sexy Horse Butterfly Woman, 11x17" Collage

The Sunshine of the World, 11x17" Tempera Painting by Austin Lee Phare

The Magical King, llx17" Mixed Media Collage by Austin Lee Phare

The Boogie Monster, 11x17" Pastel Drawing SOLD