Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happe Noo Yirrs!!!

This is the first blog about artworks made by Austin Phare. He likes to make art in his room and in his Grandma's studio. He has helped his Gramma pull multicolor woodcut prints and he had his first gallery exhibition in January of 2010 where he sold 4 of his artworks! So he had his first gallery experience and his first sales experience all in one night. That's a lot of excitement for one 6 year old boy!

and now a few words from Austin:

"Hi I'm Austin. I do lots of Art with my Gramma. My Gramma is special because she's an artist and I love her and she's very special. My family is great, my Mom is going to take me to Disney land on spring break. I got good grades in my school. I am going to pass up to second grade one day, I am still in first grade."

Austin's First Exhibit
January 2010 at U20 Gallery
in Sacramento California

Untitled Mandala, 10x10" Pastel Drawing

Untitled Mandala, 8x8" Pastel Drawing by Austin Phare

Untitled Mandala, 6x6" pastel drawing SOLD

Untitled Mandala, 6x6" pastel drawing SOLD

Untitled Calaca, 12x9" Mixed Media Collage SOLD

The Diamond of Deem, 11x17" Tempera Painting by Austin Phare

Sexy Horse Butterfly Woman, 11x17" Collage

The Sunshine of the World, 11x17" Tempera Painting by Austin Lee Phare

The Magical King, llx17" Mixed Media Collage by Austin Lee Phare

The Boogie Monster, 11x17" Pastel Drawing SOLD

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  1. Hi AUSTIN
    I saw mention of you on twitter so I thought I would pop along here and visit. I particularly like the artworks you have made where you just make drawings about stuff going on in your life. I liked that collage that you have sold too !!

    Its important to do your own artwork Austin and not to try to be like other people because your stuff is unique to you OH and always use your imaginataion thats very important.

    meow for now


    ps have you got a cat or a dog? I have 3 cats staying in my house !!