Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Break 2016

This year during winter break Austin hung out with the Sacramento grandparents. First week was time with Grampa altering skateboards, constructing ramps, racing slot cars and going to the skate park.

Austin got a new custom skateboard for Christmas so he asked Grampa to help him convert his old board into a little cruiser. They watched some YouTube videos showing how other skaters did it, then the two of them disappeared into the garage for a couple of days... Afterward they got new wheels and then Austin had to practice using a shorter board. He likes that it's small enough to fit into a backpack.

During week two gramma taught Austin and Grampa how to cut stencils from repurposed packaging, cardboard and transparencies.  They then spray painted the newly converted cruiser skateboard.

The second week was arting time with Gramma. First we went to Michael's and bought a few supplies. Then we researched some images of the new Mr BB robot from the new star wars film. Then I taught Austin how to use transfer paper to break out the separate colors to various craft papers.  He then pasted the papers to canvas using acrylic paint medium as an adhesive. Afterward he painted in shadow with blue muted acrylic paint. He added line details with sharpie markers, painted the sides of the canvas orange then sealed it all with acrylic matte medium.

His last night in SacTown we saw the new star wars flick, went to an art show and ate Chinese food...

Over all I think Austin had a good vacation with Gramma Patti and Grampa Jeff doing fun projects, learning cool stuff and going fun places.

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