Friday, July 15, 2011

Taylor and Austin tell Gramma Some Stories

Taylor, age 3, drew the cards and Austin, age 7, told the story…

King of Cups
Once there was a king, Kevin, he was the King of Cups. He had lots of cups. But he only used on special one, the Golden Stripe Cup. That cup gave him good luck everyday.

The Sun
There was a golden sun. It made dreams come true. The baby, Justin who lived in the kingdom was the king’s little friend who carried the blue flag. He always wanted to ride the horse. The sun made his dream come true.

Two of Rods
There was a man named King Rod who was the king of rods. He met Kevin the king of cups and they were best buds forever and lived happily ever after.

Austin, age 7, draws the cards and Taylor, age 3, tells the story.

The Lovers
They loved together. They saw an angel. And they lived happily ever after.

3 of Rods
Next spring the day after they went to sleep and it was springtime. They lived happily eve after.

King of Rods
“There’s a tiger in there rroooaaawwwrrr!” The King of Rods catched the tiger and he handled it and it was a fake tiger.  And they lived happily ever after.

The King of Swords
They have a dragon and a shiny sword with a fake string on it and a king helmet and he helped the King of Cups and they lived happily ever after.

King of Cups
The King of Cups had a big horse and a helmet with wings and he lived happily ever after.

Taylor, age 3, drew the cards and Austin, age 7, told the story…

Nine of Rods
There was a lady named Theresa. She collected rods. She needed one more to complete the collection but she has never found it.

Wheel of Fortune
Theresa found the wheel of Fortune and spun that wheel. And it said she might get that last rod for her collection. She looked all over – everywhere- - in the woods to find that rod and she never did.

There was a girl who was a priestess named Isabella and she told kids lots about God.  And those 3 boys and 6 girls grew up to be priests and priestesses too.

One of the girls that grew up to be a priestess changed her job to be a judge. She was a mean judge.

6 of Rods
There was a man named Gavin, he had 6 rods. Gavin went by Theresa, he went to her house and gave her one of his rods and she had the collection. But then Gavin had only 5 rods.

7 of Rods
There was a teenager named Mondo who had 7 rods. Theresa needed 10 more rods to have a collection of 20 rods.  Gavin stopped by Theresa’s house and gave her two rods so now she had 12 rods.  Then Mondo thought and gave her all of his rods.  Gavin stopped by her haouse and gave her three rods so now she had 20 rods.  And her and her rods lived happily ever after!

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